02 June 2009

Great (UN) BBQ!

We had a great time inaugurating the U.N.B.B.Q at the Open Source Amsterdam exhibition.
General Assembly of food at the U.N.B.B.Q. Photo: Layana Mokoginta Working the U.N.B.B.Q. Photo: Layana Mokoginta Inauguration of U.N.B.B.Q. Photo: Layana MokogintaU.N.B.B.Q inaugurated. Photo: Layana

09 May 2009

Great opening!

What a crazy crazy day. So many people and so much press. And a great vibe. Everybody is really happy and content.

08 May 2009

Night before the Day After

A picture says more than a 1000 words?

24 April 2009


It is official: Her majesty the Queen will open Open Source Amsterdam on 9th May, 09:30 AM.

The general public is welcome to attend the opening. The festivities will start at 9:00 AM at the athletics court under the metro, near metro station Kraaiennest with performances by The Breathing Band.

From noon on, the Bijlmerfanfare will accompany the general public along the route.

change of site

Production is in full swing now. The whole team is running from one work to the other, solving problems here and there. In general, things are going great and already you can see the works emerging in the area. Thomas's BOOK is practically finished (we just hope the building inspector will approve: he will come and check things on Wednesday). Hadassah's work is almost finished and so is Jennifer's. This afternoon Pascale's fountain will be mounted and Michael's 'bagelboat' will enter the water on Sunday. The foundations for Rob and Amalia are waiting for the installment of their objects.

It is so busy right now that I do not expect to be able to write a lot the upcoming weeks. So I herewith refer you to the website of Open Source Amsterdam and the flickr album, which has great photo's by Jan-Reinier, tracing 'the making of'.

See you on the 9th of May!

19 April 2009

Child's Play

I saw a rehearsal of Child's Play this afternoon, a project by Guillaume Desanges at The Bijlmer Spinoza-Festval. I thought it extraordinary: it is really cute, impressive and touching at the same time.

17 April 2009

Clay figures...3

I went by the OSB this morning to have a look at the results of the first two workshops by Michael. The pupils are creating small clay figurines, that will become part of the 'Small Milky Way' beach.